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Besides the cases mentioned above, the State has been responsible for many others human rights violations. Such abuses often took place in the past and are the focus of much of KontraS work. The past abuses relate to the 1965 massacres, the Tanjung Priok massacre in 1984, the Talangsari massacre in 1989, student shootings in Trisakti Semanggi, the murders of shamans in Banyuwangi and Ciamis in 1998-1999, horizontal conflict in Sambas in 1999, atrocities in Poso in 2000, Sampit in 2000-2001, Aceh, Mollucas, and Papua. Past abuses also include the repression of pro-democracy students. KontraS continues to conduct investigations, lobbying, advocacy, litigation and monitoring as well as anti-violence campaigns on the national and international level.


The Suardi Tasrif Award (1998) from the Independents Journalist Alliance (AJI). This award was given in recognition of KontraS’ work advocating for the people’s right to information on human rights violations.

The Serdadu Award (1998) from the Organization of Jakarta Street Artists and Musicians. This award was given for KontraS’ efforts to promote the uphold human rights.

The Yap Thian Hien Award (1998) one of the most prestigious awards in the filed of human rights.