Press Release
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Joint Statement 

1. We express condolences and deep sorrow for the gross violations of human rights that have led to casualties, property damages and other losses during the attacks against the Ahmadiyah followers in Pandeglang, Banten; 

2. We strongly urge the President of the Republic of Indonesia to take decisive steps to provide security and protection to citizens of the State, particularly in this case the Ahmadiyah followers as citizens, as mandated by the Constitution, and not to intervene in the personal belief of any citizen; 

3. We strongly urge the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to revoke the Minister Decree that has been used to restrict freedom of religion and faith guaranteed by the Constitution and used as a tool to legitimize violence within the society. 

4. We strongly urge the President to dismiss the Minister of Religious Affairs who has been responsible for sparking violence, hostility and hatred against the Ahmadiyah followers; 

5. We strongly urge the Police and other security forces to take firm legal actions against the planners of these attacks, the attackers and the parties who have provoked and justified such violence; furthermore to take appropriate actions to prevent any recurrence of such attacks and to protect Ahmadiyah followers around the country. 

6. We strongly urge the National Commission for Human Rights (Komnas HAM) to immediately take pro-justicia investigations of the alleged human rights violations against the Ahmadiyah followers. 

7. We appeal to the Ahmadiyah followers and the wider community to exercise restraints, maintain peace and avoid violent acts on any ground whatsoever, by first and foremost promoting dialogue and resolving the related issues through legal channels; 

8. We will take constitutionally legal steps against the intentional omission and negligence by the President and the Government which have caused such violence and hostilities to continue. 
Jakarta, February 7, 2011 

Network of Civil Society for the Protection of Citizens 
LBH Jakarta, YLBHI, Kontras, Elsam, HRWG, ILRC, Imparsial, ICRP, Praxis, MADIA, Wahid Instititue, ANBTI, Maarif Institute, ICIP, Legal Aid Society, INFID, LEIP, Demos, ICTJ, Yakoma, Gandi, JSKK