Press Release
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10 Year of the Tragedy Semanggi II
Time for state to ending the disobedience of law

September is called as the month of “tears”, many cases of gross violation of human right in Indonesia and in East Timor (known Timor Leste) occurred on September, such as violence that occurred in the case of Semanggi II, in September 23 – 24, 1999, at least 11 people died and 217 people injured impact of the shot that conducted by military forces. Those who became victims were students and communities   who voices  their rejection of the National Security and Safety Bill. Victims spread in many areas in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Lampung, Palembang, Makassar and Purwokerto. The Inquiry result of the National Commission for Human Right in 2002 announced has occurred the gross violation of human right  in this  case.

Substitution of the parliament members,  Attorney General and President since 1999, didn’t give positive change to resolve this case. Systematically, state is ignoring this case and neglect  from the constitution responsibility, the rule number 26 / 2006 regarding Human Right Tribunal,  as a mechanism for resolution of the past human right abuses keep is frozen. Attorney General is refusing to conducting investigation, the House of representative keep trying to obstruction the resolution through legal system. 

The House Representative as  a period of  2004 – 2009 doing “table tennis” toward this case through internal mechanism in the parliament ( The Commission III, leader meeting and deliberative body meeting mechanism). The suggestion of three commission to the head of the Indonesian Parliament  in order for   made a recommendation to President to created the Human Right ad hoc tribunal  for two  cases such as Trisakti and semanggi, Mei riots was failed by deliberative body meeting by voting mechanism, 6 fraction refused to brought the suggestion of three commission to the plenary session and sent back the recommendation to the three commission for review cases. Meanwhile, president kept silent regarding the rejection of the Attorney General to conducting investigation and didn’t took any action related to polemics that happened among National Commission for Human Right and Attorney General. 

The situation above, shows that there has been dissent of law by the State against the rights of the people and citizens, especially for those who become victims of gross human rights violations. Today not only the sadness and difficulties experienced by families who abandoned his family because the repressive action of the state, but also victims and their families dealing with ignorant attitudes of the politicians both in parliament and government.

 Because of that, we call;

  1. To the President Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono who was re - elected  as a president, immediately realizing his promised resolve many of the past Human Right Abuses as told to victims and family victims in March 2008
  2. To the House of Representative in 2004 – 2009 period to use their last time period to making recommendation establishment Human Right ad hoc Tribunal for cases of Trisakti and Semanggi, May riots also  kidnapping and enforced disappeared of students activists in 1997 – 1998
  3. To the House of Representative 2009 – 2014 period to shows their commitment and interest toward Human Right enforcement trough resolve the past Human Right Abuses becoming priority agenda
  4. To public, let’s together keep in our mind to remembering that reformation have been impacted many victims of Humanity and important for us to urging and supporting resolving, next time in the future the violence  are not repeated in this country and Indonesia become a state that is respecting  and fulfilling  the citizen’s right.


Jakarta, September 18, 2009
The Communication Forum of Victims and Families Victim 1998, The Front of  the student action from   University of Indonesia, the Association of the Family Victims of Tanjung Priok case, the Association of Indonesian families victims of enforce disappeared case, Solidarity Networking of the Families  victim, The Commission for disappeared and victims of violence, The Association of Victims May Riot 1998