Press Release
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The detention of two non-active members of KPK’s leadership, Bibit Samad Riyanto and Chandra Hamzah obstructs the clear sense of justice. Although the police said that the detention is in accordance with objective and subjective reasons for detention, this detention looks very forced/farfetched?. This detention can not be seen separately from the circulation of a transcript of a recording mentioning names of high-ranking officersof the Police and the Attorney General’s office that are alleged to have engineered 'The death of the anti corruption commission'.

From the beginning, the legal process against the two non-active leaders of the Commission Bibit and Chandra have shown singularity. The accusations have shifted from bribery and wiretapping to bothto both being suspected of having banned   Anggoro, the Director of PT Masaro, who is currently a fugitive of the Commission and bans Joko Chandra and extortion. Holding this defendant is clearly a case of criminalisation of the authority of the leadership of the Commission.

Another absurd piece of information is that Kabareskrim met with Anggoro in Singapore who has a fugitive status. Unfortunately, this is not seen as a problem by the police. He argued, Anggoro is a fugitive wanted by the Commission and not police. This logic is clearly unreasonable.

Based on the the recording transcript, and the fact there are many absurdities, law enforcement officers should investigate allegations of involvement of the people mentioned  in the recording. But, what happened, is that merely Bibit and Chandra were arrested. This step clearly shows how the police overreacts and clearly endangers democracy and the rule of justice.

Seeing the condition of law enforcement officers who are so so vulnerable that the law is easily misused , we declare Indonesia is in a state of Justicial Emergency.

This issue is difficult to resolve by the police and the Attorney General's office because of a conflict of interest within their institutions, especially after the transcript of the tape appeared which shows the closeness between the two institutions through their high-ranking officers who are also suspects incorruption cases handled by the KPK. Thus, the solution by doing an investigation using a normative approach would lead to a deadlock due to low public confidence in the police and the Attorney General’s office. Therefore, there must be other independent parties with integrity and credibility outside of law enforcement institutions that can provide recommendations to resolve the issue.

Therefore, we urge the President to:

1. Form an Independent Investigation Team to investigate the alleged involvement of officials, police officials and the Attorney General in determining the suspect scenario Bibit and Chandra.

2. Disabling the officials whose names are mentioned in the transcript of the tape to facilitate investigations.

3. If proven, then the officials should be dismissed and legally processed.

Jakarta, October 30, 2009

Coalition Members:
MM Billah, Asmara Nababan, Teten Masduki, Bambang Widodo Umar, Neta S Pane, Chalid Muhammad, Ade Rostina Sitompul, Monica Tanuhandaru, Rusdi Marpaung, Syamsuddin Haris, Saldi Isra, Poengky Indarti, Dadang Tri Sasongko, Zainal Arifin Mukhtar, Danang Widoyoko, Heru Hendratmoko, Nezar Patria, Faisal Basri, Goenawan Mohamad, Teddy Wibisana, Edwin Partogi, Suciwati, Otto Syamsuddin Ishak, Bhatara Ibnu Reza, Al Araf and others.