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14 Nov 2012
The 2012 Emilio F. Mignone International Human Rights Prize awarded to KontraS by the Embassy of Arg
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25 Jul 2012
Report on 1965 Tragedy Judicial Inquiry by National Commission of Human Rights: New Momentum to Redr
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19 Jul 2012
Special Rappertour on the Situation of Human Rights in Myanmar should conduct a comprehensive inves
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16 Jul 2012
Four Years of Final Report of Indonesia-Timor-Leste Commission of Truth and Friendship (CTF): A Reco
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07 Jul 2012
Open Letter to the ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Meeting (AMM) on the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration
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05 Jul 2012
The President of The Republic of Indonesia do maladministration act and deny that good governance re
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22 Jun 2012
Torture Increased Drastically! A Report on the Practice of Torture in Indonesia International Day in
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06 Jun 2012
Terror of Violence That is Being Justified as a Security Approach for Papua
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30 Mei 2012
UPR 2012 Recommendation: Challenges to Indonesia's Commitment in Enforcing Human Rights for the Ne
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23 Mei 2012
The 2nd Cycle of UN Universal Periodical Review Session on the Human Rights Condition in Indonesia:
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13 Mei 2012
Urging the Government of Indonesia and Kim Yong Nam to Discuss the Settlement of Gross Human Rights
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25 Apr 2012
Efforts to resolve past cases in accordance with the rights of victims, norms/instruments and
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20 Mar 2012
Human Rights The Ragged of Human Rights Throughout 2011
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16 Mar 2012
The court ruling against Forkorus CS Still Far from the human rights principles and the spirit of fa
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28 Feb 2012
Declining Political authority in the National Commission on Human Rights in Indonesia (Komnas HAM),
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15 Feb 2012
Urge Special Mission to Syria Immediately
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07 Feb 2012
Indonesia: Submission To The UN Universal Periodic Review 2nd Cycle
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25 Jan 2012
Trial of the Papuan Congress III: “To Urge Public Monitoring to Ensure a fair trial”
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