Desember 13, 2011

Kontras Asked Police to Publicize Sondang’s Letter

VHRmedia, Jakarta – Before setting himself on fire in […]
Desember 12, 2011

Sondang Memories Before Buried

Touching situation occurred during the funeral procession for Sondang […]
Desember 11, 2011

Student burns to death

INDONESIA: University student Sondang Hutagalung, who apparently burned himself […]
Desember 10, 2011

Kontras Yakin Aksi Sondang sebagai Bentuk Protes

JAKARTA–MICOM: Anggota Advokasi dari Kontras, Chrisbiantoro mendesak Polisi untuk […]
Desember 10, 2011

Kontras: Brutalitas dan Kekerasan Melukai HAM

JAKARTA, – Komisi Untuk Orang Hilang dan Korban […]
Desember 10, 2011

Self-Immolator May Be a Student, Kontras Supporter

Slowly, the identity of the man believed to have […]
Desember 10, 2011

Papua abuse, rising intolerance mar RI rights record

The struggle for justice for human rights abuse cases […]
Desember 9, 2011

Self-Burning Suspect is Allegedly UBK Student

The suspect identity who burned himself in front of […]
Desember 9, 2011

The Man Set on Fire Identified as Student

VIVAnews – The man who set himself on fire […]
Desember 9, 2011

Dutch Apologize for Indonesian Massacre

The Netherlands has formally apologized to the families of […]
Desember 8, 2011

Civil society essential in democracy: Experts

The active involvement of civil society is necessary to […]
Desember 8, 2011

Rights lawyer questions Jakarta’s Papua approach

Political unrest that the Indonesian government faces in Papua […]
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