Open Letter from KontraS and Omega Research Foundation on the Tragedy of Kanjuruhan Stadium in Malang

KontraS and Omega Research Foundation have sent open objection letters regarding FIFA’s response to the tragedy that occurred at the Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang.

Considering that the Kanjuruhan Stadium Tragedy took place which killed more than 200 people and injured 500 people, this tragedy is labeled as the second deadliest football tragedy after the Estadio Nacional tragedy in Peru. This was due to the negligence of the Police and the Military in controlling the crowds which kept happening over and over again.

The actions of the apparatus violated Section 2 of the UN Human Rights Guidance on Less-Lethal Weapons in Law Enforcement such as the principles of necessity, proportionality, legality, and precaution as well as Article 19 letter (b) FIFA Stadium Safety and Security Regulations. Although the two regulations are only a guide, the government should be able to include these points in the National regulations.

In addition, torture by the police and military violated Articles 170 and 351 of the Criminal Code. Then, several regulations of the National Police Chief such as Perkapolri No. 8 of 2009 concerning the Implementation of Human Rights Principles and Standards in Performing the Duties of the Indonesian National Police, Perkapolri No. 1 of 2009 concerning the Use of Force in the Actions of the Police and the National Police Chief No. 16 of 2006 concerning Crowd Control.

The government has formed a fact-finding team to investigate the Kanjuruhan tragedy, but the team is also filled with elements of the police and military who are feared it will interfere with the independence of the team’s work. To date, 6 suspects have been named, but the determination has not yet attracted a high-ranking official who has high power in this tragedy.

Therefore, we urge FIFA to:

1. Recommend all affiliated associations of FIFA to incorporate Article 19 (b) of the FIFA Stadium Safety and Security Regulations into their national regulations thus prohibiting the carrying and use of firearms and ‘crowd control gas’ at all football matches.

2. Encourage the Indonesian government to take appropriate action to provide effective remedies to victims and victims’ families.

3. Encourage the Indonesian government to establish a fully independent fact-finding team.

4. Review steps taken by PSSI to address safety and security issues and ensure they are adequate to prevent such a tragedy does not happen again.

5. Ensure FIFA takes applicable disciplinary or punitive action against PSSI.

The open letter can be viewed at the link