Call for the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) Commissions I and VI to Exercise Their Interpellation Rights Regarding Allegations of Weapons and Ammunition Procurement from PT. Pindad, PT. PAL, and PT. Dirgantara Indonesia to the Junta Military

Jakarta, October 24, 2023 – The Civil Society Coalition for Security Sector Reform (SSR) is deeply concerned about the escalating conflict in Myanmar and its connections to several Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) allegedly involved in the procurement of weapons and ammunition for the military junta. On October 3, 2023, Marzuki Darusman (Former Head of the Independent Fact-Finding Mission for Myanmar), Feri Amsari (Academic from Andalas University, West Sumatra, Indonesia), the Myanmar Accountability Project (MAP), and Za Uk Ling (Deputy Executive Director of the Chin Human Rights Organization) presented their report to the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) regarding the alleged involvement of three BUMN, namely PT. Pindad, PT. PAL, and PT. Dirgantara Indonesia, in arms trade and procurement to the military junta through their broker, True North Ltd.

However, the three concerned state owned enterprises (BUMN) and their parent company, Defend.ID, have claimed that they have never been involved in supplying defense and security equipment to the military junta. They emphasize their adherence to UN Resolution 75/287, which prohibits the supply of weapons to the junta. These claims contradict the reports presented by the four individuals. In fact, PT. Pindad, on its website, stated that on July 24, 2023, during President Joko Widodo’s visit, the defense industry company confirmed the shipment of ammunition to the United States and several Asian countries, including Myanmar.

Recognizing the urgency of further investigating these allegations, the SSR Coalition believes that the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) has a crucial role in following up on the issues raised in the report. According to Article 79 Paragraph 3 of Law No. 17 of 2014, the DPR holds several special rights, including the right of interpellation. This article explains that the right of interpellation is the “DPR’s right to conduct an investigation into the implementation of a law and/or government policy related to matters of great importance, strategic significance, and broad societal impact, suspected of being in conflict with existing regulations.”

The Coalition further emphasizes that DPR Commissions I and VI play a central role in utilizing the right of interpellation. Commission I oversees the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, both of which are involved in this matter. The Ministry of Defense issues licenses for the export of weapons, including the issuance of End User Certificates (EUC) to ensure transparency regarding the recipients or purchasers of these items. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides considerations for conventions or international regulations related to arms embargoes to Myanmar. Commission VI, which oversees BUMN ministries, plays a crucial role in overseeing these state-owned enterprises that are fully state-owned or are state-owned enterprise subsidiaries, where compliance is a vital aspect.

Therefore, the Civil Society Coalition for Security Sector Reform (SSR) urges DPR Commissions I and VI to exercise their interpellation rights to investigate the Ministry of Defense in terms of licensing the production and delivery of weapons to the junta through True North Ltd, which has exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar.

Civil Society Coalition for Security Sector Reform (SSR)

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  1. Indonesian Legal Aid and Human Rights Association (PBHI)
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