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Terror of Violence That is Being Justified as a Security Approach for Papua

We fully regret the occurrence of numerous acts of violence in Papua lately. Throughout May and June 2012, violence has increased sharply. A total of eight people have died and 15 people were wounded by the events that occured randomly. The victims were college students, students and foreign nationals and people of Papua. Violence were done by shooting with a gun. The perpetrator was unidentified. But they understand that the shooting must take place in a crowded public area, and the shooting target was in a position that directed the victim to move and made the perpetrator to remove traces easily. The last information we received, last night shootings occurred in Jayapura which led to three Papuan people injured and are currently being treated in hospital. In recent days, confusing information and the circulation of text messages are disturbing the public. Until now, there has been no clear information on the legal process for the acts of violence. This situation thus, shows the ongoing impunity in Papua.

Looking at these conditions, it appears that the pattern illustrated is targeting random targets, done by professional perpetrators who seemed to understand the situation well, causing the security forces (especially the police) to be powerless against acts of violence that have taken place. This pattern has the potential to cause terror and fear of insecurity in the society. This is seen in similar events in other conflict areas such as Maluku, Poso and Aceh. We are concerned that this situation will be utilized as a legitimate tool to increase the number of troops in Papua, which will of course, be supported by an enormous budget.

Thus, we strongly believe that this situation is certainly in contradiction with the Government and community initiatives in Papua to encourage peaceful dialogues. Government should hasten efforts to achieve measurable and constructive peace process. In the middle of the process, the government should also immediately conduct an evaluation of safety management that has worsened the security situation in Papua. On the other hand, the President should alsoevaluate the leadership of the Chief of Police because it is apparent that the local police have been neglectful in protecting the people of Papua and was unable to execute the law. We therefore, request the police to work in a professional manner to protect the public, immediately identify the perpetrators of violence and institute fair legal proceedings.

Jakarta, 6 June 2012

KontraS          Foker LSM    National Papuan Solidarity (NAPAS)


Papua conditions from May to June 2012

Based on the results of KontraS' monitoring activities, at least three civilians were killed, five people critically injured and 43 KNPB mass arrested at the police station in Papua, from December 3 to 5 June 2012.

The following notes KontraS’ monitoring results for three days;
• On June 3, 2012, around 17:30 WIT, Jimi Ajudh Purba a college student was killed in Jayapura, attacked by a group of unknown people in Yabansari, Heram District, Papua. According The General Directorate of Criminal Detectives of the Papua Police, Police Commissioner Wachyono, it is estimated that the perpetrators of mass beatings come from West Papua National Committee (KNPB).
• On June 4, 2012, one of the KNPB members was killed, one person had gunshot wounds, one was victim of torture and 43 people were arrested by members of the Papua police when the police had to forcibly disperse their protests.
• On June 4, 2012, Hidalgo Golberth Madika a high school student was shot dead by an unidentified man while he was crossing Skyline, Kotaraja, Abebura, heading to his home at the Beautiful Skyline Complex BTN, Kotaraja.
• On June 5, 2012, a group of unknown people shot three civilians. Victims named Iqbal Rival and Hardi Javanto suffered gunshot wounds on their waists and are getting treatments in RSUD Dok 2, Jayapura City.

While in the month of May 2012, KontraS recorded as many as five civilians were killed and 10 critically injured victims. Out of the number of cases above, 5 gunshot cases and 1 case of Molotov bomb throwing were made ​​by an unknown group and caused three civilians dead, and six wounded, including one German foreign national. One case of shooting by member of the Papua Police Mobile Brigade killed one civilian and wounded four. Another case is a persecution case by KNPB mass that has caused one civilian's death.