ITC Mangga Dua: A Double Whammy Exploitation Leading to Criminalization to ITC Mangga Dua Occupants

The dispute between kiosks occupants/owners of ITC Mangga Dua and Alliance of Flat Occupants and Owners (Perhimpunan Penghuni dan Pemilik Rumah Susun/PPPRS), developer, and management of ITC Mangga Dua Block 1A started in 1994. One of the triggers was the arbitrary and burdensome policy formulated by PPPRS and management of ITC Mangga Dua for kiosks occupants/owners. Various policies were formulated without considering kiosks occupants’/owners’ opinions and consents. PPPRS ITC Mangga Dua was set up by PT. Duta Pertiwi (subsidiary of Sinar Mas Group), who then assigned PT. Jakarta Sinar Intertrade as part of its business line to manage ITC Mangga Dua. Duta Pertiwi, anak perusahaan Sinar Mas Group. PT. Jakarta Sinar Intertrade manages PPPRS by assigning its employees to be in charge of ITC Mangga Dua. Their duty is to conduct maintenance to shared lands, portions, and possessions.

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