Ketika Moncong Senjata Ikut Berniaga : Ringkasan Eksekutif “Laporan Penelitian Ketelibatan Bisnis Militer Dalam Bisnis Di Bojoneogro bouven Digoel dan Poso”

TRACING military business in Indonesia is similar to revealing Indonesian military posture itself. Since the beginning, the presence of Indonesian military institution is inseparable from the presence of military business itself, especially considering that military during independence war time was capable of seeking and managing its own funding through its double role as a military power as well as a social political power. Even though a policy was then applied to establish Military Budget as part of the State Budget (State Income and Expenditure budget or APBN), unfortunately, it did not cause military business to cease to exist. Argument about the minimum budget allocation from the State1 and the army’s dual function (“dwifungsi”) is used as an excuse to legitimate military business practices

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